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Spirit Counsel 3xCD

Spirit Counsel 3xCD

SPIRIT COUNSEL is a collection of three extended compositions recorded between 2018-19. This collection represents a period of reflection on spiritual matters, collective musical friendships, and a time and space universally, without words or languages to distract from meditation. CD 1: ‘Alice Moki Jayne’ is a new composition from noise guitar explorations honouring Alice Coltrane, Moki Cherry, and Jayne Cortez. These female partners of jazz musicians brought spirituality into the lives and music that has most inspired Thurston Moore. 12-string electric guitar army: Thurston Moore, James Sedwards, Jen Chochinov Baritone bass truth and soul: Deb Googe Magick drums: Jem Doulton Electronic Wobbly love: Jon Leidecker Engineer: Christophe Albertijn Recorded in Brussels, Belgium in 2019 CD 2: ‘8 Spring Street’ is a personal hommage to Glenn Branca, the title an address is in New York City, the apartment where Thurston first visited his mentor to rehearse. Electric guitar: Thurston Moore Engineer: Syd Kemp Recorded in London, UK in 2019 CD 3: ‘Galaxies’ is an orchestral piece of music, with Moore as conductor and composer. Twelve guitarists are arranged as if one instrument, exploring the vast emotional depths present in twelve strings. Taking inspiration from a poem by Sun Ra ‘Galaxies’ ponders our place in the universe as we stare into imagery offered by satellites via space agencies. Guitar Army: Thurston Moore, David Toop, Susan Stenger, James Sedwards, Deb Googe, Alex Ward, Jen Chochinov, Jonah Falco, Rachel Aggs, Joseph Coward, Eugene Coyne & James McCartney Guitar technicians: Beetmol Troy and Matt Tag Recorded in London, UK in 2018 Book: ‘SPIRIT COUNSEL’ is an artist book edited by Thurston Moore which includes photographs compiled during the process of creating the accompanying musical works and is available exclusively within this boxset.
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